I may be ocd, but . . .

But whenever a person writes something for the general population to read, especially on a website or for public viewing (i.e. signs, banners, television commercials, books, etc.), I believe he or she should use proper grammar and spelling.
Note: I am not talking about blogs, instant messages, or forums. Even though there should be a certain amount of proper usage in these, I understand sometimes that, when a person is just making a quick statement, he or she cannot always catch his or her mistakes.
Spell checkers are everywhere, and while they do not catch all mistakes (homonyms are murder), they can catch most of them. I understand many people have a difficult time with spelling and grammar, but there are even excellent websites just for that. Read a book about grammar and run a spell checker!
I don’t expect perfection, but I would at least expect that, if I am giving the courtesy of reading what is put out, a person should take the time to make sure spelling and punctuation are correct.
There are some times that I feel like printing out what I am reading (unless it already is in printed form), marking down the errors, and sending it back to the original author with my bill.
Once again, I may be overly sensitive because of my editing background, and I know all errors cannot be found and corrected (I can honestly admit that from personal experience), but when I can count more errors in the first paragraph than I have fingers, I stop reading. In my opinion, that many errors is pure laziness.

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