Day 1 Week 1

Day Number: One

Date: October 2, 2009

Energy Level: Low/slightly low

How I feel before: Tired, nervous

How I feel after: My lungs hurt, but I feel more energetic.

Notes: I ran/walked about ¾ of a mile today. I stopped and walked three times this morning, which is not unexpected. Felt a little depressed because I was so easily winded, but again, it’s day one. My sides, my lungs and my legs hurt. I thought I would be running for half an hour, but I ended up running for about 15 minutes, which is both good and bad. Good, because it didn’t take me forever, but bad because I got 15 minutes of cardio.

Several hours later, I feel good. I have energy and am hungry. It feels good. I know I’m going to feel it tomorrow, though.

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