December 25

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, whichever you choose. I haven’t updated in a while. I also haven’t run in a while, and it’s beginning to show. It’s absolutely amazing how difficult it is to lose weight but so very easy to gain weight. One would think that if I am eating less than the 2000 recommended calories and am moderately active, I would lose weight. Of course, this is not the case simply because your body gets used to it and either believes it is starving so it stores whatever you eat as fat, or it just refuses to cooperate. On a plus note, since I have started running, I have now shaved 5 and a half minutes off my running mile. I still, however am not able to run a mile fully yet. I still stop and walk sometimes. I have been away from the gym for a week or two, I don’t remember which, but when I tried to put on a dress that was starting to fit well again today, I had to choose a different one because it was too tight for comfort. This is very disheartening and I need to keep telling myself that I am running for a goal, not a dress size. I do want to be more healthy and enjoy more energy, there are just some times when I wish th rest of the benefits would come through as well.

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