Something to ponder.

When I got my wedding ring, I was between a size 12 and 14, the smallest I’ve ever been and when I put it on, it was too loose to wear. Now, for purposes of work, I don’t wear it. It stays around my neck, but every once in a while, I try it on because it’s an odd measure of how I’m doing with the getting healthy and losing the excess. It’s been tight for about 3 years, maybe a bit more.

The other day, I looked down at my fingers and saw something I hadn’t seen in around that amount of time. My fingers were smaller again. It’s an odd thing to measure progress by, but more significant by the inches on my waist or the amount of weight I’ve lost. I found myself tightening my shoes because they were too loose as well. That makes me happier than dropping a clothing size if that makes any sense.

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