I love technology, but sometimes it doesn’t like me. I was going to blog about the progress of the business, how excited I was to see where it’s going now that we’ve become affiliated with Mitchell-Morris publishing. I was going to talk about how much, no matter how stressful the start, I’m going to enjoy the ride, but after I spene nearly an hour trying to get into my blog, all I could think was “Screw it, I have other things to do”. Then I got more frustrated because this is what I do for a living (in another life I call the real world). I fix stuff, I troubleshoot. I took computer programming when I was 16, I know my way around a computer, and yet, lately, I’ve begun to doubt my abilities, starting with not getting a tecchie job that should have been a piece of cake for me, a shoe in. The frustration built. Finally, I decided to walk away from the computer. I was going to call my “it” girl, the 9th wonder of the world, my “I can’t do this without your help” kind of woman who is brilliant and usually available I walked into the room where my phone was located, and started griping to my husband. He listened briefly, offered a suggestion, and the answer hit me. It was such a simple solution that I was completely blinded by its simplicity. When I tried it, I was on in less than a minute, which leads me to think I have a love/hate relationship with technology and it reciprocates. You’re my “it” girl, C and I thank you for your help!

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