There are so many reasons to go with a small publisher as opposed to a large one, but I decided, after I have spent hours getting invitations ready and endlessly going over page after page of work, that it’s about time I list some. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Personal attention. Seriously, with a small publisher, you are one of their “it” people. They care about you because you are their bread and butter.

2. They listen. When you say you don’t like something, they listen. If you have an idea, they listen. They may not always take your suggestions, but they do listen.

3. They work hard for you. See number one, again, you are their bread and butter, and they will work hard to see that you are successful, because if you aren’t successful, they aren’t either.

4. Most give as good as they get. I have spent literally hours today, with a migraine, working on one author’s information, and I do that with all my authors.

5. Small publishers will keep your book out there longer. If you aren’t making sales with big publishers, they will drop you. Most small publishers will look at the issues, try to learn from them and push even harder.

6. Small publishers are looking for the “diamonds in the rough”. I love finding a book that the plot is great, the story line intriguing, but may need a little work, more work than a large publisher is going to give. If we can polish it up and turn it into that diamond, I’m delighted.

7. Nobody, aside from the author him or  herself, is more proud of the finished product than the small publisher.

There are a number of other reasons that small publishers are worthy of a second look, but buyer do beware, a publisher can make or break a person, just like the writing can. That goes for both large and small companies alike.

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