Writing for Your Niche

There was a news post today about J.K. Rowling writing another Harry Potter book (http://storycarnivores.com/2013/04/01/exclusive-harry-potter-8-confirmed-by-j-k-rowling/). In the story, she states that she was disappointed that people didn’t like the book she created to try to break out of the Harry Potter world. While J.K. Rowling is a phenomenal writer, and her technique got better the more she wrote, people were not looking for adult novels from her. One may argue that Stephanie Meyers in her book The Host was trying to break away from her genre and was successful, but the fact remains, she was still writing a paranormal romance.

Once an author’s name becomes known for something, it is very difficult for that person to write anything but the genre they have been categorized in. Nearly every author has tried to break away from the genre they became known for. Stephen King wrote a children’s story, one of my favorites, but he isn’t known for it. Many people have probably never heard of it.

There are countless other authors who have written outside the genres that made them famous, but those books, no matter how good, will probably never be as popular as the book genre that made them famous. So, what’s an author to do?

Write. Write the book, no matter whether it will be extremely popular or not. Someone will like it, no matter the name on the cover, and if they don’t, write it anyway. It’s your voice, there are more facets to you than one genre, one side. Write it down, put your words to paper, submit it to publishers. Use a pen name. Popular authors know that sometimes they have to put a different name out there in order to get their story read. In the end, the worst that you can say for your accomplishment is that you wrote the book and it was never published. In having written the book, having bared your soul for everyone to see, having put yourself out there, you have done more than most people will ever accomplish.

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