Life Has a Way

I’ve always been full of good intentions. I intend to do a lot with my day, and most days,  I even start out well. I get up, get dressed, brush my teeth, and am out the door before anyone else in the house is awake. I get my errands done some days before I go into work, even put in half an hour at the gym. Lately, however, life has gotten in the way. Since November, I have gotten very little done. I could say a number of things have gotten in the way of me progressing at my normal pace, but I don’t know. It’s been a little rough lately, holidays are wont to do that…birthdays have come and gone, and some people, I’m embarrassed to say, I’ve forgotten to respond properly to. I have sent fewer and fewer text messages, I’ve called fewer and fewer people, my blogs have been suffering, and so has my job. One other factor is called into place regarding all this: my health.

Not many people know just how sick I’ve been over the past few months, mostly because I hate weakness and feel that illness is a weakness. I had more responsibilities at my regular 40 hour per week job, that has made it difficult to work less than 60 hours per week, and I was kind of going crazy. Between those two things, the last few months have been sort of a living nightmare. I haven’t been able to exercise, I haven’t been able to do much except make my doctor appointments, go to work, and go to sleep. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like to slow down or be held back, but I honestly believe the latest news I got, a demotion back to the simplest tasks at work, the possibility of surgery, and many other factors, are telling me I need to slow down before I explode. It is also opening the doors for me to be able to slow down and catch up with myself.

While this is a bit of a blow to my ego, I do believe that this step backward is probably the best move to make in order to be more healthy and productive in the long run, so who knows? Maybe whoever’s pulling the omniscient strings and guiding us on our paths, knows how to bring us back to where we need to be when we need to be there. I’m going to look at this last experience as a positive piece of learning, and continue with the chapter I really want to finish.

Wish me luck!

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