I’ve been remiss. It’s been almost a month to the day since I actually posted anything, and for that I apologize. The funny thing is that I’ve probably thought about 30 or more subjects that I could talk about, and even in the height of desperation, downloaded an app on my phone to help me out. The problem wasn’t the subject matter, or even that I’ve forgotten how to write. It was the fact that I allowed other things in my life to get in the way. This, in and of itself, has a lesson: there are always other things that we could be doing. We could be attempting to climb the corporate ladder, looking for a new job, staring at the ceiling, watching movies, staring at a computer screen. We could be playing the newest game that comes out, washing our dog, blow drying or cats, even daydreaming about what we will do when we hit the lottery, become the next big thing, make lots of money, buy a house, etc., but there is only one way we will ever achieve this: by doing. Not only do we have to do what it is that is going to make us rich, happy, healthy, whatever, we have to do it consistently. If you are writing, you have to set a specific time or day and consistently write during that time, and unless your house and or equipment is/are on fire, at that time, you should be writing. The same goes for just about every other goal that you have.

So, here is my goal and/or my promise: I will write a blog post either in this blog or my other blog (http://deerhawkpublications.com/?p=643), every Monday. I am certain that there are times that I will miss, but this is my goal, and I will attempt to keep it.

If you would like to take this commitment with me, please post your goal below and how you plan to achieve it. Good luck to us all!

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